Update on National Class Action Plumbing Settlement

Many of you have been keeping up to date on the continuing issues with plumbing system defects
and so we wanted to notify you of a recent class action settlement that will affect many homeowners
and associations in Oregon and Washington that have PEX plumbing systems with yellow brass

The settlement class includes anyone who owns a structure containing an RTI Plumb-PEX
Plumbing System containing ASTM F1807 brass insert fittings and stainless steel clamps sold by
RTI or Uponor and installed on or after May 15, 1999. Below are photos of some of the
components included in the settlement.

Claim eligibility depends on whether an owner has experienced a leak or whether an owner can
demonstrate reduced water flow. For multi-unit projects, a project that has experienced leaks in
30% or more of the units may be eligible for a replumb and replacement of the F1807 system. In
order to determine an association’s claim eligibility, the association will have to undertake some
investigation of its plumbing system.

Please contact us if you have questions about how this class action settlement affects your
associations or how to submit a claim. It can take several weeks or longer to complete the
investigation you need to develop the claim, and the time to file a claim is limited.

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