Major HUD / FHA Condo Lending Changes Effective October 1st

Under revised guidelines effective October 1, 2009, the FHA is implementing a new approval process for condominiums to be eligible for FHA / HUD financing. Under the new guidelines, the spot approval process will no longer be available, and approvals expire every two years.  Click here to see a copy of the HUD Notice.

– Historically, to utilize HUD / FHA financing, a condominium could, under certain circumstances, receive “spot approval” for lending with HUD / FHA, or the association was required prepare and submit a comprehensive package of materials for consideration for “permanent” approval.


– Under the October 1, 2009 guidelines, FHA will allow lenders to determine project eligibility, review project documentation, and certify compliance with the National Housing Act requirements. We expect lenders will approach association boards and managers, asking for certain information, certifications, and even legal opinions regarding compliance with certain legal requirements.


– If a condominium is not on the FHA-approved list, or has lost its approval because it underwent repairs or litigation, or for some other reason, the board of directors may wish to consider applying for approval (or re-approval).


The attorneys and staff at Barker Martin, P.S. are ready to help your association adjust to these changes.  Just select the “Contact” tab at the top of this blog page to reach one of our attorneys.

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