Enhance Association Communication with Web 2.0

Attorney and blogger Chris Jaglowitz from The Ontario Condo Law Blog makes some excellent points in his recent posting on the use of Social Networking sites to increase homeowner association communication.  Check out his post here.

I agree with Mr. Jaglowitz that  Social Networking concepts and sites will become increasingly popular among condominium and homeowner residents as a medium to:

  • Share news, documents and ideas;
  • Organize activities and events;
  • Enhance owner participation, communication and feedback;
  • Gauge the pulse and public opinion of the community;
  • Improve delivery of services; and
  • Strengthen the bonds of their communities.

Unlike websites that are updated weekly or monthly–at best–Social Networking sites offer up-to-the-second information; thus, increasing exponentially the level of interaction and information exchange between homeowners.  I believe the most popular sites are: Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.

There is an explosion in the use of Social Networking concepts and sites for buisness and personal use.  It’s only a matter of time before these tools are used by homeowner associations.  Be on the forefront of this technological wave by jumping in today and creating association-specific groups on one or more of these sites to enhance communication and community.

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