DELRAP vs HRAP for FHA Condominium Certification

The last unanswered question I had regarding the new FHA guidelines involved the difference between the Direct Endorsed Lender Review Approval Process (DELRAP) and the HUD Review Approval Process (HRAP).  In reviewing and analyzing the provisions promulgated in HUD Mortgagee Letter 2009-46B, the guidelines explained in detail the DELRAP process, but did not describe the precise submission process for HRAP.  The attachments to the letter, including the “Lender Certification,” only referenced DELRAP, so, my colleagues and I were unsure exactly who could submit a HRAP package. Under the old “spot approval” process, essentially anyone acting on behalf of an association or owner could.

When we first raised the question with the regional supervisor in Southern California, he stated they were still interpreting the proposed guidelines and were waiting on further information from DC. But now that the guidelines are in effect, and having spoken directly with the regional manager, we have our answer.

Similar to the former guidelines, there is no specific limitation as to who can file a HRAP package. The HRAP submission no longer requires an attorney opinion letter, but must comply with the strict guidelines contained within Mortgagee Letter 2009-46B.

We still recommend an attorney or other person with expertise in the FHA condominium certification process handle HRAP packages. If you have any questions on the process or would like an attorney from Barker Martin, PS to spearhead a package for your Oregon or Washington condominium association, select the “Contact” tab at the top of this blog page.

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