We’ve decided to open up or blog to guest contributors. Are you knowledgeable about the law as it relates to condo or homeowner associations? If you are, perhaps you would like to share your knowledge here. Similarly, if you represent a resource in this area, we would also be open to an article on your services in this field.

If this is of interest, the best way for you to inquire about your contribution or guest post is to use the contact us form. If you request relates to our subject matter, and you understand the costs associated with running this blog, along with the benefits to you by an article or posting here, we will respond.

We ignore contacts not meeting this criteria. While we regret having to publish these conditions, we’ve found that if we do not we are spammed with requests to publish non-relevant articles linking to questionable websites. And to add insult to injury, we are additionally requested to do that free!

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