Call to Action: Legislative Alert

Owners, managers and vendors to community associations have a stake in state laws that impact associations. The Washington State Legislature is in session and several bills affecting community associations have been introduced. New legislation can have a tremendous financial impact on the community association industry and your association in particular. Even if you live in […]

Looming Crisis? When Caulk, Paint and Patches No Longer Work

Condominiums first appeared in the late 1960s when owner-occupied cooperatives and common interest communities took hold across the country. Throughout the 1970s, condominiums emerged as an important form of home ownership. HUD estimates that over 4.8 million condominiums were constructed in the 1970s and 80s. At some point, even well built buildings require major rehabilitation. The number […]

Alcohol and Community Associations: BYOB?

Recently, we’ve been asked our opinion on allowing alcohol in community association common areas–whether through an association sponsored event, casual homeowner get together, or other spontaneous gathering. As you may imagine, this issue raises the hair on the back of the neck of any community association attorney, risk manager or insurance agent. On one hand […]

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